As a non-profit organization, CampLife has limited funds for sponsoring children and families. We have established some guidelines in an effort to sponsor as many children as possible each year.

Sponser a Child

Every year, dozens of kids get sponsored by individuals who recognize the importance of the impact that CampLife can make on a child. Please help us get more kids to camp by making a donation in any amount.

Get Sponsered

A deposit of $50 must be paid in order to be eligible for sponsorship. This is the minimum amount required in order to complete the online application, as well as to be eligible for the Camp Life sponsorship list.

All campers are expected to contribute as much as possible. Full sponsorship is very rare. Multiple payments can be made in any amount (large or small) throughout the year, which will contribute to lowering the overall balance due. The more effort a child puts forth, the more likely their sponsorship needs will be met. This system is to encourage parents and campers to participate in raising funds. Every little bit helps!

Bus fees, t-shirts, pictures, and snack bar cards cannot be covered by the sponsorship program.

All campers requesting sponsorship must email the Youth Office at Please do not email until you have registered with a minimum $50 deposit.