Sponsorship Program

As a non-profit organization, Camp Life has limited funds for sponsoring children and families. We have established some guidelines in an effort to sponsor as many children as possible each year.

We also highly suggest that children and parents participate in fundraising on their own terms; teaming up with other parents and campers for off-campus events has shown to be profitable, while also instilling a sense of responsibility and satisfaction in the campers. Car washes, sponsored walks, and bake sales, among other events, have been very successful in the past. Children can also raise funds by helping us with the set up and daily operation of the "Youth Booth" during the GGWO International Convention, which donates the proceeds to Camp Life every year (There are limited spots available in the booth and we choose individuals based on their ability to help; the minimum age is 13). A credit will be donated towards individual Camp Life accounts for each hour worked.

We are confident that with active participation in our sponsorship program, and the provision to make small payments online over time, your child will go to Camp Life this year. We are excited with you to see each goal reached!

For additional information, please call the GGWO Youth Office: (443) 451-1353.


Registration closes at 11:56 PM of August 09.
No changes can be made after that date. Additional payments are still available.

No cash payments and no written registrations at this time.

Please Note:

- Registration fee is $279 AFTER July 31 ($249 before) save $30 and register now
- start registration with a $50 minimum payment (pay the rest later)
- T-shirts (closes on Jul 30), cabin pictures, snack bar cards (closes on Aug 19) may only be purchased on-line.
- One way bus tickets are available for both directions
- Your child should not need money since there are no stops on the way back
- Leaving: 12:00 PM on Sunday
- Returning: between 4 and 5pm on Saturday
- Check-in is from 3-5 PM on the opening day and Check-out will be between 12-1 PM on the last day.