What does it take to be a staff member?

We are accepting applications from energetic, spirit-filled, high school, Bible College, and adult volunteers that wish to make a positive change and encourage spiritual growth in the lives of our campers by imparting the mind of Jesus Christ.
*We are only able to accept counselors that can commit to the full week of camp.

How do we choose our counselors?

We choose our counselors based on their spiritual maturity, quality of leadership, availability to the call of God, and ability to be a positive role model for our young people.

Before You Register


1. No cash for staff or children accepted at camp. You must purchase a snack bar card through the online registration.

2. We would like to encourage all camp life staff to purchase the t-shirts so that they could wear them on opening day. It will help the parents and kids know who is in charge.

3. Any purchases will be refunded if your application is not approved.

4. You can also log back into your account to purchase items later.

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