Parents are responsible for transportation to and from camp. Arrangements for groups may be made through various local ministries.

Bus Info from Baltimore

GGWO Baltimore will be reserving coach buses for the convenience of parents. All bus costs are separate from camper tuition fees.

  • One way tickets are available at $39 per camper per way
  • All campers riding this bus should pack a lunch. The Camp is approximately three hours away. THERE WILL BE NO REST STOPS ON THE WAY UP THIS YEAR. There are bathrooms on the buses.
  • The Camp Life buses will be departing from and returning back to the GGWO plaza (6025 Moravia Park Drive, Baltimore, MD 21206)
  • Leaving: Sunday, August 18 promptly at 12:00 PM
  • Returning: Saturday, August 24 between 4 and 5pm